Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Visiting Fellow

Prof. James W Jones of Rutgers University spent a sabbatical year with the PRRG. He has been closely associated with the project on embodied cognition, and is preparing a monograph on the topic. 

Forthcoming: Evolution, Religion and Cognitive Science, Oxford University Press

In February 2014 Oxford University Press will be publishing Evolution, Religion and Cognitive Science: Critical and Constructive Essays, edited by Fraser Watts and Leon Turner.

Publication: Head and Heart: Perspectives from Religion and Psychology

In October 2013 the John Templeton Press published ‘Head and Heart: Perspectives from Religion and Psychology’, edited by Fraser Watts and Geoff Dumbreck. It also includes contributions from many others associated with PRRG: Malcolm Guite, Russell Re Manning, Carissa Sharp, Bonnie Zahl, Nicholas Gibson, Sara Savage, Sally Myers, Harris Wiseman & Liz Gulliford.

Embodied Cognition publications

A group of papers arising from the Embodied Cognition project, presented at an ISSR conference in 2012, was published in Zygon in September 2013, including papers by Leon Turner, Fraser Watts and Daniel Weiss.

Visiting Fellows

Dr Matt Russell, who has been a Visiting Fellows with PRRG for the academic years 2011-13, has now returned to the US to take up a position with Duke University, based in Houston. Matt is taking on a wide-ranging brief in developing resources for training seminarians, community development and social entrepreneurship, and will be developing associated research projects.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Virtue Engineering, Moral Freedom & Christian Salvation

We are pleased to announce that Dr Fraser Watts, along with Harris Wiseman, have been awarded a 2-year grant from the Faraday Institute as part of their Templeton-funded programme on Uses and Abuses of Biology. The project is on Virtue Engineering, Moral Freedom & Christian Salvation, and will focus particularly on oxytocin.

New Appointment

Ryan Williams has been appointed for a 12 month post in the PRRG from June 1st. He will work with Dr Fraser Watts and Dr Alastair Lockhart for a project on Spiritual Healing in Modern Context, and will also work with Dr Sara Savage to research and develop education initiatives aimed at encouraging integrative complexity in religious thinking. Ryan completed his PhD, entitled 'Social networks and promoting resilience to violent extremist Islamism', in the PRRG at the University of Cambridge in June 2012.