PRRG Staff

Please contact a member of staff if you have specific questions, or the group administrator for general enquiries.

Current Research Staff

Senior Research Associate

Léon Turner 
+44 (0) 1223 528640,
Philosophical anthropology, personhood, self, theological anthropology, social constructionism, narrative psychology, postmodernism, science and theology, evolutionary approaches to theology and religion

Research Associates

Alastair Lockhart
Interaction of the religious and the secular, history of psychology, spiritual healing

Ryan Williams 
+44 (0) 1223 767903,
Religion, theology, and the social sciences; theory and methods in the study of religion; religion and social networks; inter-religious relations; religious leadership; religious education; spiritual healing and Twentieth Century religious movements

Harris Wiseman
Theology and psychology of wisdom, virtue engineering through oxytocin, gratitude, prayer

Group Administrator

Liz Thompson
+44 (0)1223 763005,

Founding Director

Fraser Watts (Cambridge Institute for Applied Psychology of Religion)
+44 (0)1223 763027,
The study of religion from the perspectives of psychology, neuroscience and evolution. Psychological and religious approaches to morality and emotion. The interface between psychology and Christian theology.

Visiting Fellow

James W. Jones (Rutgers University)

Religion and Psychology, Religion, Terrorism and Violence, Spirituality and Psychotherapy, Religion and Mental and Physical Health, Religion and Science, especially epistemology and neuroscience

Former Members of the Research Group
(a select list of those with continuing research connections with the group)

Nicholas J Gibson (John Templeton Foundation)
religious cognition; experimental methods in psychology of religion

Liz Gulliford (University of Birmingham)
positive psychology, character and values, forgiveness

Russell Re Manning (University of Aberdeen)
natural theology, emergentism and reductionism, Paul Tillich

Matt Russell (Duke University)
redemptive narratives, theological anthropology and addiction recovery, narrative methods and the self, pastoral  psychology

Sara Savage (Cambridge Enterprise)
Psychology of fundamentalism, radicalization, extremism, sectarianism, conflict resolution, social psychology of church and religious organisations, pastoral psychology, youth spirituality, worship and the arts.

Eolene Boyd-MacMillan (Cambridge Enterprise)

Conflict, transformation, personality, systems, counselling, spirituality, spiritual direction, psychology and theology integration, science, theological anthropology and religion